(5+) Best Shazam Alternatives for Android and iOS (2019)

Ever heard a wonderful song somewhere however have problems to remember the title or the lyrics of the music, so that you can find it? well, ever attempted Shazam to do it for you? since there are numerous ways through which you could try this task of finding songs, however Shazam is considered to be the most used and powerful solution tool .

Even though Shazam is the most famous music-figuring out application, it has a few serious issues. Many users have complained about the bloatware at the app. along with it, many have complained that several times the app fails to identify and provide you with the proper results. additionally, there are numerous complaints about it being slow and leisure.

So, if you are in need of any alternate and searching out a different application to use. right here we’re with Shazam alternatives or you can say apps like Shazam which can come up with profitable results:

#1 SoundHound

One of the favourite application that is considered to be the toughest competitor of Shazam is SoundHound. It is the most approached alternative to Shazam. With the new version of the SoundHound application, you are allowed to go hands-free. Simply say: “OK HOUND…WHAT’S THIS SONG?” and the app will identify the song.


You can also tap on the orange button to identify the songs and do another kind of stuff side by side. Other kinds of stuff include the live lyrics, video, share, stream, or buy the track. You can even ask questions like “what is Justin Bieber’s latest song?” and moreover hum the sung if it’s stuck in your head.

Install: Android, iOS, and Windows

#2 MusicID

Another great music identification application that can put Shazam to shame is MusicID. The working of the application is absolutely reliable and fast. MusicID can identify the songs at the very fast rate and in very easy and quick steps. Just a click on Microphone button starts the functioning of the app.


Once identified, the application will provide you with the complete details of the song and related youtube videos and songs. In addition to it, you can purchase and even share the information with friends through Amazon.

Install: Android, iOS

#3 Musicxmatch Lyrics

As the name itself suggests Musicxmatch is a Music player and is also capable of identifying music among other things. Its main work is to provide lyrics and is among one of the largest and fast-growing databases in the market.

Music x match

Here’s how it works: to identify music, you have to tap on “IDENTIFY LYRICS” and the app will handle the rest. Users have considered it reliable because it is super fast in identifying music and comes up with the live lyrics feature. You can sing along and can use LyricCards and explore artist biographies.

Install: Android

#4 TrackID

Sony’s TrackID ranks among the best application in music identification. In addition, It is considered as the most reliable and popular applications in various app stores. Here’s how you can use it: To search a song, simply you have to tap the search button and let the application do the rest. Apart of it, you can also explore and search artist biographies, watch music videos and explore the TrackID charts etc.


In addition to it, you can also listen to a preview of the searched song through the Spotify application that will make sure that the song is the correct one. And the plus point is that you can download the song right through the application.

The TrackID comes with the new cool feature dubbed TrackID LIVE which let you see what’s trending. It is fast, popular and reliable enough to be the tough competitor of Shazam.

Install: Android

#5. Music Identification

Its one of the fastest and perfect apps for identifying music for every kind of user is Music Identification. It will give you the name of the song, the artist along with some other basic information in just a few seconds. Furthermore, it is famous for its widget to identify songs quickly if needed.

Music Identification

As compared to other applications, it is not that pretty but one of the fastest app for sure. since it lacks in the database, expectations should be minimal.

Install: Android


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