Top 5 Free Meme Generator Apps For Android Devices

Memes are getting viral everywhere over the internet, and it is the best way to show your creativity to the world. We searched for the best meme generator android apps for you to make your meme more creative. Memes are the best thing to make people laugh as well as hilarious too.

So, basically, due to the popularity of the memes, developers of applications for mobile phones soon saw memes as a source of attracting downloads, so they went to work to create apps and tools that would simply allow users to make their own memes. Hence, if you don’t know then let me clarify that in Google Play there are hundreds of applications are available to create or generate memes from images, predefined templates or texts.

Here are the list of top 5 free meme generator apps for Android devices

#1 Mematic

It is the most popular meme generator app because of the features offered by them. The app will allow you to design any meme without much time quickly. Various templates are available which you can use to make your meme.

You have to select a template then add your caption, and you are done. You can create basic memes with the help of this app. The best feature is you can also put GIFs in your meme to make it more creative.

Download Mematic

# 2 GATM Meme Generator

This well-known meme app, of course, GATM Meme Generator also has the user interface and content similar to the previous ones. You can create your memes with these viral topics which app will update you.

The app allows you to use their custom template or you can also build yours. The app will not insert their watermark on the meme so you can post it to social media.

Download GATM meme Generator


The interface of this app is cool, which will attract you. The best feature of this app is your memes will rank by the users.

Once you create the meme, you have to post it on their platforms where the user will do the voting. The app will allow you to find any faces through the internet and insert text there. You can also work offline with this app, which is a unique feature.

Download Memedroid

#4 Instameme

It is another powerful meme generator app for android. The app contains various popular and viral meme which you can edit and make it more amazing. It will allow you to insert multiple filters, text, emojis to the memes.

After creating a meme, you can save it to local media or directly share to any social media sites.

Download instameme

#5 Giphy

It is the famous GIF app which is integrated with many social media sites. But along with GIFs, the app also allows their users to make memes quickly.

They contain the world’s most extensive library from where you can select the images and start your editing. You can quickly share your memes to any particular chats or to the timeline of any social media sites.

Download giphy

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